University of Michigan Policy & Procedures on Student Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct & Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence

The Dean of Students Office (DOS) provides direct support to Claimants, Respondents, or other students who are involved in reports of Prohibited Conduct. This support includes navigating academic, personal, and community impact; advising on policy and procedures; and connecting to other available support and resources. The Respondent Support Program is housed in the DOS and has dedicated trained staff who provide direct support to Respondents who are involved in reports of Prohibited Conduct.

The key elements of the respondent support program include:

  • Provision of a safe listening space
  • Serving as a process advocate including developing an understanding of and assisting with the navigation of the process;
  • Assisting respondents in navigating family and community impacts and effects; and
  • Supporting and connecting respondents with campus and off-campus resources.

The respondent support program is not:

A respondent support person will be identified by the Dean of Students Office, which does not participate in the investigative or resolution phases of the process. A respondent may also contact the Dean of Students Office to request the assistance of a respondent support person.

The respondent support person is available to serve in the following capacities:

  • Attend meetings (investigative conversations, housing removal/relocation discussions, resolution agreement discussions, e.g.) as a support person
  • Review documents and materials from investigation, final report, and sanctioning agreements as requested
  • Provide general support
  • Manage academic, housing, access to dining facilities, and other immediate and on-going separation needs, as necessary
  • Provide information and referral to university and community based resources for additional support needs.